Get your home sold before the year ends


    Need tips on how to sell your home fast when holidays are just around the corner? When it seems like there’s no hope selling your home this year, worry not because we’re here to present some ideas: Never say never!

    To give you some insights: As much as you want to get your home sold before the holidays, the same eagerness applies to those who are dying to have a place ready for the holidays too. If everything is done according to plan, you can close the sale and move before Santa starts making the rounds.

    Here are a few tips that you can utilize to get your home sold even on a holiday hustle.

    Make sure that your listing is polished

    Because of “the weather” more buyers prefer to look online and you have to make sure that your listing has up to date information and great photos. Presenting your home in the best way you could will attract potential buyers to go out in a cold weather and visit the property in person.

    Show off the holiday features of your home

    Potential buyers love to paint a picture and envision themselves celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas in their new home. Showcasing your home that it is great place to accommodate family and friends this coming holiday is a plus. You can set up table decorations or decorate your fireplace to help buyers conceptualize how great your home could look for the festive occasions but do not overdo it as too much decorations may crowd your home. Keeping it simple will appeal more to buyer’s emotions and inspire them to come up with their preferred theme. 

    Showing adjustments

    Be ready to accommodate and show your home for last-minute, short-notice appointments from interested buyers. Most owners are busy and out of town but if you can open your schedule for more showings, the higher the probability of getting your home sold. Keep your home spotless and clutter-free to impress some buyers who like to check out every nook.

    Is your property move-in ready?

    If you could get your home pre-inspected, the easier for you to speed up closing the sale. Having a home that is open during the home-selling process makes more buyers secured to making an offer. Not only it will speed up the process, it will also save you money because you already know what to take care of before listing your home.


    Incentives gets you ahead in the game. Offer what you can and be flexible during the negotiations.

    Themed Open House

    Excite your potential buyers with holiday themed showings. Dress up and offer some homemade holiday goodies.

    What’s the theme of your home this coming holiday?

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